Saturday, January 22, 2011

Not much to say

With Winter in full makes me hunker down and pull that's what I'm going to do today...I need to take some photo's of my work which I do out side around this time in the morning but we've got snow coming down...puts a stopper on that off to the food store this morning early and then up to the studio to make some paper for a being project I need to present in Februray....hope it all comes together.. wanting to boot that inner critic right out the back I may have to pull out the heavy artillary  as Music and dressing in my favorite outfits and let my spirit shine bigger...feels like on of those kind of days...alittle spiritual medicine in a different way... new fun song...


  1. Thanks Laura. Michael Franti is a great day brightener!

  2. Thanks Kate, had to take it off was causing some problems this morning to much on the blog I guess ..but I just love the way the song gets me going.

  3. Kick Critic Sue's butt right out the back door!


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