Saturday, January 01, 2011

A new year is here 2011

I went to bed at 9:30 last night, with the head cold I have it was the best things...Of course I heard the excitement around 12:00 in the neighborhood and turned right over and went back to sleep...When I woke up I thought I had a nasty coughing fit...I went and stood outside...sounds crazy but it stopped the coughing...Calmed myself down and felt a bit better...I had to go out early and decided to see if Target was open, and it was.You see the husband had to work...sewer backed up in a new building in Lemont.....Happy New which we are alway happy for.  So everyone else had to go to work this morning that lives in the homestead, I decided to go for a walk in the woods..Cold Yes and windy Yes..but it cleared up my stuffy nose...go figure..When I got home I took the dogs for a walk too,  Hank has a hard time with the cold, but Carls a trouper...I've got them playing together and it's fun to see before it's Carl being the one not wanting to play.. well I'm rambling away about things here.  I had to go to a going away party for a framer at the art league whom is falling slowly with the memory..sad but her daughter was there taking picture of us all...She was a bit confused but once she got behind the framers section she was remember lots better..amazing to was good to be invited to this little party and chat with the framer friends I have there...Well after I came home and had a late lunch I went upstairs to work on the CWJ so I can get this baby finished...may more projects on the drawing board jumping to be brought out to the surface..  I do want to bring up a topic that was shared again by a framer friend she's notice the fall of new generational people coming in to be part of Non for profit organization...some thing to think it was brought up about lest 20/30 something at the art fairs too.. Our generations are changing and the needs the elders had are different from the need of the young ones...the young ones only have to sit in PJ's to connect with people all the way across the world.. And it satisfies them... well that's my spin on it....
Now to end a good day with a bit of pizza the oldest daughter brought home from work...

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  1. Don't forget the younger generation is strapped for cash and attends free Alley Art festivals.


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