Saturday, January 29, 2011

New Mixed Media book-Flavor for Mixed Media

I was asked about a year ago to be part of Mary Beth Shaw's new the time of putting it all together she wasn't sure of the title but quickly figured it out...I have a piece "Making choices" in this book with a nice interview and a shared recipe.  I'm so excited about this...that I've got to share with you all.. I couldn't put it down..chalked full of great instruction for a variety of different techniques and Mary Beth is a Gem as of full of many talents from here writing to her own art if you going to treat yourself do with a great art book....Flavor of Mixed Media

Had a wonderful time and dinner with my old high school friend Carrie and her husband Terry... need to do more of that kind of stuff...

and now today I part of a judging group for the Darien Woman's Club Children's art Show so need to get going...then to the studio for round two of collage paper making sample piece I need to present shortly..

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  1. I'm hoping to get that book soon and I think Mary Beth has a little template gift if you order from her directly. So cool on the judging. Love kids' art. Oh and congrats on being in the book! Can't wait to see what you're sharing.


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