Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My wooden hearts

 A deeper love for you
 Sending my love
three times my love

Wooden hearts collaged and ready for a show in February at Cindy Fields Design..


  1. These are beautiful! And those 12x12s are gorgeous! Love to see elements of your life (the truck, the stacked rocks) show up in these. So cool! You rock lady!

  2. really like the top one! They are all beautiful, but that is from the heart!

  3. yes the top one if my favorite but only cause I'm really like the colors and subject matter and the richness it protray that isn't a ugly/or mean love but a deeper one...

  4. Hm, must be something in the area regarding hearts. I just posted a cat heart photo on my marlotus blog. Love is in the air.
    Intriguing the heart shapes, I bet it was a bit challenging to get all the shapes and objects within to correspond to the main shape!
    Pushing the envelope, it seems, Laura. Great!


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