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Friday, December 31, 2010

Session 6 Creative Writing Journal 101 Part 3

 1. just plugging along here and cutting and punching holes.  I took three pages and did a scallop effect but leaving one stick out more then the other and punching a hole for a ribbon or something later.
 2. Here I trace the shape using a candle I had on the one drawing table.. I think I did it three times and not full circles this time..
 3. I cut a stair effect to the page and then decided to use it and turned it over so it would stick out and have a tab. Most of the these little ideas just happen an no really planning...it's kind of wild how you feel too as of "don't stop me now" I'm on a roll and things are happening...as of ideas are flood my brain and over flowing. 
 4. Stairs that became something else..what I don't know but I like the little window that was created with this.  I glue it into place with some medium and let it dry a bit.. and onto the next spread...
5 The idea to punch holes on the tab that will stick out was a cool idea but a bit close.  Oh just adds character isn't that what our mothers would say...
6. I wanted to show you how far along I'm with the CWJ I think it's close to have way..it is putting some stress on the spin so I may have to do some handy work.  And drill some holes, and use a big loops or something...time will tell.

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