Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Session 2 of Creative Writing Journal 101 1A

1.I've finished gluing all of my pages together and I wanted to show the beauty of character and imperfection as it's finest...If your doing a CWJ like this and it looks as great as this one your doing something right..

2.This is the view of the spine, a big rubber band is on it after the pages have dried some what...I wanted to bring the book back to looking more like a book but if you look closely you can see the spine is really stressed and full. The indentation of the spines edges are gone.. Again your doing a good job it if looks like this...The thing to remember is the journal will be telling your story of your daily-ness and when you tell a story you need a good foundation to start with and having a few character flaws is a good thing...adds some natural drama to you journal and already it feels so great to hold this book in you's heavy and full.
3.Just showing you a view of the CWJ from the top down as you can see the areas that didn't get glued as well creates a half moon effect. (just happened that way, you may get something totally different) Plus there's some wrinkly bits there that are starting to add some interest.
4. Now in this picture I went and glued a magazine picture of a butternut squash on and realized I put it on the back cover and upside down...(I tried to pull it off but almost ripped the images)  just part of the process a creative like myself goes through..One of those mistakes that could turn out to be something great! And I learn about letting go of one idea and grabbing a hold of another..
5. So as you can see the magazine pages are glued down to the cover of the CWJ. I don't put the acrylic medium on the surface of the magazine, that will come later after I finished a cover design. When I sand the magazine with fine sandpaper with the sanding block I wipe the surface off and get rid of the residue from sanding...Now if you don't have a sanding block don't worry..You can just sand with the a fold sheet of paper to fit you hand sizes.   Plus it good to remember it's just a light sanding nothing like sanding a wood table or something.
6. So where is this going?   I  don't know but I have a layer on and wanted to show you the two pages from the National Geographic.  I tore the edges of the paper so it would have a nice edgy paper effect where the acrylics can soak I know any further what I'm doing? still no, but moving forward.

Just a quick note..I'll be using CWJ - Creative Writing Journal..


  1. I just want you to know that I'm following along this series. I love the idea, and I can't wait to see what comes next. <3

    Thank you for sharing so generously!

  2. Busyness in your daily-ness!

  3. tis the season for giving! thanks for following :)

    Oh Doris...if I'm not creating a little chaos somewhere I wouldn't feel normal so why not on the pages and in my own life...the chaos kind I can live with and do enjoy...creative play time and mess making...Whaaho!


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