Saturday, December 11, 2010

The man doesn't like the woman's mood this morning.

So I have an I Pod and I've had it for about a year I use it?  No not really but I could...The husband ask me why? and I respond I don't have time...and I start rattling off what I do and he gives me the poor soul you...and the reality is when I go food shopping I don't need it and when I walk the dogs sure I could listen to it while I walk but I don't normal like to listen to music while I walk...I like to hear the birds and the noises of my neighborhood or the woods.. so am I'm fighting technology sure...I woke up this morning wanting less in my life then what I have as of keeping it really simple...give me a piece of paper and a pen...Am I'm getting old or what...with all the new stuff out there I running scary in some ways...yes I have a lap top, grateful for that but all the extras means I have to sit down and over load my brain with more stuff.. My brain can't take any more.. (be it my age or the hormones that are allowing any more in) it could the holiday time I'm told by the husband that I'd better watch out the man with the chains will come tonight and get me...I'm a really scrooge...well lets say I'm stretching my opinion alot this morning..  I think that I do use the computer a lot for posting on the blog, communicating with people, research and for website stuff which is something else I need full attention to deal with...Brain just can't handle all the commotion and put in Html codes..  woman whining again...venting and letting off steam... OK now I'm feeling better...sorry folks...just dealing with it is in the best way...I like to lay it out on the table and then take a good look at it like inventorying what I have...and then cutttin out the stuff I don't need.

I seem to be fight the holiday time when In my heart I want to be in the studio more but I'm being pulled away from doing the holiday stuff.. so my frustration is there. But I did manage a good two hours and finish up one of my piece and the two spreads in my journal...I'm like that by laying down a layer of something and coming back into a few days later an adding something else and then coming back in to the journal page again to finish it up in goes though changes from what it was in feeling to what it ends up...I like that process.

this spread-(two pages together, when opening a journal) was left over acrylics and papers from another piece I was working on and this little things keep being added and I finished it up.

the back side of the other spread up above and the string was showing and right away it looked like it belonged to a bag, you know a draw string I used a bit of colored pencils and some watercolors..

you see with this journal from the Make Your Mark Journal Project I'm not gluing the pages together I'm trying to use other things to combine every three pages together...there's 108 pages in this journal and that's alot so I decided to combine them together..
A piece I finished up yesterday 12 x 12 collage on canvas


  1. I couldn't agree with you more about technology! When it helps make your life easier, it's great, but it can quickly take over your life. As far as I see it, you should use only what you need, when you need it. Otherwise it's a waste of your time.

    I love that you enjoy listening to the birds and other sounds out in the world. I do too! And I love that you make such beautiful art with your hands - art that no two other hands, and certainly no technology, could make in the same wonderful way.

    If we are cranky crones - so be it!

  2. love the words Cranky be it...thanks Angela...

  3. It's not safe to be walking with earphones! If today I wasn't stopping because the snow crunching beneath my feet, I wouldn't have heard the distant coyotes or hawks above my head, that would be a tragedy. Nice journal entries! Great new collage piece!


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