Friday, December 03, 2010

Friday...snow is coming? new tires/rims

We made it there by about 11:30 am, left around 9:00ish so not bad driving time...the little Euro-Van made it nicely.  The Gallery space is so wonderful and the people there are awesome.  We had to head back as my mother in a law need to be some where at 5:30.  I had wanted to slip in a visit to the Peoria Art guild and that area but maybe next time...Was a good ride..came home and was a little edgy (mood) for some reason..I think its my brain thinking about my projects I want to work on and having to go shopping soon(next couple of weeks) and pull the holiday decorations down from the attic...Can I say I'm not the happiest camper about this all.. I really wish some one else would take over this job in the family but...not one has stepped up to the it's one of the things you do for love. 

On a side note...we are to be expecting a far amount of snow coming in tonight and I guess tomorrow morning and I was planning on go to the city to see the One of the Kind Show, but advice from in the family is best to stay home...especially the first snow fall for the City of Chicago..and that might be the answer I need for the grumpiness I have about pulling out the holiday decor...I could do that on Saturday...well I'm rambling on about my days agenda...need to put it in to action..

Today it is about studio time and making some Stained tissue papers and other paper for a possible Commission piece.  and hanging out in that special zone place...

Oh, finely found the rims we want to put on the Ford Transit..not that you all care but I'm going to put it up on the post hear any see this is the first car/van the husband and I have bought new..and we are having some fun with it...

Here is a picture of the Rims...Old School for sure...Called American Racing Aero's  I can't believe how excited I am about this, I think it's some what about the excitement the husband and I both share about this boxy little euro van thing... we want it to look tough and be an eye catcher...yes stuck in a man's world I know the engine, tires and rims's kind of fun... Life is truly short and we're having some fun with it while we're here...our lives have been about what ever we've been given you know taking others old and making new and make the best of it and for the time we've been together, almost 30 years we feel like young teenagers again...regressing or just plain having fun...what does it matter...? We are doing it together..That's what counts.

 Here is the new vehicle we purchased...still something we can haul stuff work, displays and the four legged critters and the family if we want but the family is all young adults over 19years of age so their pretty much doing their own thing.
and here I put my business card up to show you, something of what I would like on the side of the Van...not my name but the Crow's with the little blue when I went to the Design guys of my friend Eve's, the were pretty excited about seeing the vehicle and what I want to do with it...still in the dream state but living in it totally..
OK time to bust a move....

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  1. My decorations need to come out too! Snow and maybe some hot chocolate will make the project easier. Well, except maybe the outside lights. Love the design plan for the vehicle decor! Show up right in style!


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