Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Either I'm really sick or happily healthy

Just wanted to show one of my Creative Writing journals as I was pulling them off the shelve in the studio today..You see I switched Payment company for my merchant's accounts and then needed a third party to come and take a look to see if I'm who I say I am...Hmmm who am I again??? Well yesterday when the very nice woman came to the house I took her right up to the studio so she could see..I am an artist and what and where I work..Let me tell you it was looking really good, as of presents on the floor wrapped and project playing going on all over the place..after she left I was thinking about the pictures she took..got to have them as proof for the company. I realized that she was really interested in my book collections and all my trinket stuff all over the place...I call them My talismans of life.  So here is one I opened up for you all to take a peek at..Jim P. one of my students from LaGrange, ( dentist, teacher of dentistry, photographer and collage artist) took this picture of me at the end of one of the class sessions..Good times I remember..
You can see the day of creating in class and page spread here with the door...look above then back down to this one and you can see it...I'll have to show this with the CWJ I'm creating with all of you.
So with the the woman looking at my books I decided to pull down the journals and CWJ's to see how many I made and worked with this year...I made a little goal that I wanted a CWJ for each season well I accomplished that and then some..compulsive is all...this is when I questions myself..either I'm really sick or I need to stay Happily Healthy by journal writing.. I have a total of 14, 12 are picture here.  About half are my Morning Page Journals and the other is the daily-ness ones...I was a bit upset yesterday while out I was looking for the small black journals that fit in my black leather cover I was giving from my nieces gift card to Barnes and Nobles..I can't find them any more..I actually panicked and was driving all over the place looking for them..Oh I can find some thing similar to them on line but I'm not going to pay 12 buckets each with the way I go though them...
Old book from the library was used as the cover..I coated the cover with some paper I purchased awhile back  and the inside of the book was and has still some life to it as of collage papers for my workshops..and my own works.

So I bought at Staple with my rewards money a box of special paper made with cotton and line. I folded it in half ( 5 1/2 by 8 1/2)and made signature of 10 with ten pages folded which makes a totally of 200 pages...should last me a few months...this one will be my morning journal when I wake up at 4:30 and tend to the dog and start my coffee and light my candles for brain drain of garbage and therapy... The tabs you see hanging out will be incorporated in to the Coptic stitching. 

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