Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Christmas tree is up

With some woman whining going on and a few words I won't repeat on the post there I've got the tree up and I've vacuumed up the house from all the extra glittery stuff that comes off the decorations and the fake needles from the sad but workable artificial tree we have.. now it's not the Charlie Brown tree but getting close.. I have to say it feels good to be past this point now..and the next on the Christmas list of things to do is get the Christmas cards out...between getting image ready for the Facades Exhibit through LaGrange Art League...I decided to enter three of my gray and yellow piece with the stacking rocks...I had wished I would have had a pen and paper handy at the MCS meeting because a member who's name as slipped right out of my Swiss cheese brain, totally embarrassed now cause I can't remember..but she told me a Native American name or was it from up north area what it that means for stacking rocks ...If you read this post Young Lady please comment so I can find out what the name is...and so I can put a name to a face...making a fool of myself I know but really would like to know the name you shared with me..

Just jumping all over the place and got the homestead in order I started on dinner and making homemade tortilla for the taco meal I cook on Monday nights to invite my Mom in law over and this time my two nieces... Karissa loves the taco's and Guacamole dip and Katie was coming over to look at a few of my books for some ideas about paint and creating some Christmas gifts.  I lent her a few of my books, with some mat medium and gesso so she can play with it and see what will come... She's also got some artistic abilities that have been put on the way side for the Club life...Hope she uses it wisely and  finds herself again...

So got to head to the bank and talk about a new Paymentech account so during the summer months I can take charge cards...business stuff..much to do and off I go busting a move...

but papers are made for my commission piece and hope to get to it soon. After almost finishing the book Creative time and space I see that I've got some work to do to keep it flowing in the studio..new goals for the new year...got to love the goals...keeps me on track and moving forward and living that dream..


  1. Sounds like a good day. Wondering if I will put up a tree this year. Hung lights around the living room windows instead of the roof. We'll see. I was thinking of a small potted tree to plant next spring... kinda pricey though.

  2. The Inuit people of the Canadian Arctic called stacked rocks inukshuk (or the plural inuksuit). Not sure how to pronounce either of those, though! No time to look it up, either!

  3. You have so much going on as always. I only put up a small tree which my son has announced looks pathetic and called my Scrooge. Bah humbug...

  4. There's a point when I get my cards out that I start to feel better about the holdiay season..I always question should I send them this year and $ is available for the stamps and I go for it but after I send them I feel better about the holiday time and not like Scrooge too. some resentment in there too as of I do the decorating holiday shopping for most and watch everyone else see me go a bit whacking so why they think should they go there...well how knows.. and
    Jerri thanks for the name...Now I might give my piece a different title.. and add a bit of story behind them..


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