Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Which way should be up?

12 x 12 handmade papers collaged on canvas with acrylic and magazine papers.(untitled)

I made it to the studio the last two day and at lest 7 hours of play and work going on.. I received a email from Robert Genn this morning and I read that...it's something that is so natural and we fear so badly is the blues or the moment when we feel block or stale... And I'm thinking about my own time in the studio the last couple of days.   I would say they've been to experiment and just allow a flow to come again..I so love to be in my studio but have been off balance for some time in there and this morning I'm really thankful for one thing..that I've got these canvases and frames to play around with ..and that's just what their there for.. I was a bit frustrated that I feel like no directions but the directions was to do something on these canvases.."what ever" even if it's to fall back a bit or take a step back on to the old works I do and play with the handmade papers again.. There's one canvas that I experimented on and it really turned out to be mud or (mucked up) and I was trying to fix it and most of the time the creativity steps in I'm able to do that but this was a train wreck and need only to be torn up...so I torn off the papers but left some on and I thought wow I think there's a new surface to look at here..this one may be the one that I work on through out the rest...little bits here and little bits there.  I put in the movie Eat Pray Love and I like some parts of it... the word in Italian slips my mind but it's about the practice of doing nothing..hmmm what is that all about..and the time in our life where we are In between...the unknown but we just keep functioning...you now what I'm talking about.  So with the hormones pulling some tension in between my shoulder blades yesterday and the feelings of oh why bother...I kept at it and wander my home and did the mundane task and popped out this little diddy above...I created it with the rich browns on the bottom but I always like to turn things around to see if there's a better view or see if it provokes a new emotions that stirs a bit of chaos in me and feels more fitting that way... You know making a more dramatic statement if I can say that..?  So which way is better Brown on bottom or Brown on top?...My daughter likes the brown on the bottom..1 vote for that..


  1. I know they often say anchor with something dark on the bottom, but I really like it with the brown on the TOP. Because to me, it feels like the light is rising up and pushing away the darkness. Kinda like a sunrise.

  2. my first instinct was brown on bottom but the more i look at the other way i see all the nuances in the pinkish areas that you don't see the other way, they kind of look like a path. don't you hate when you can't decide. i don't think you can go wrong either way.

  3. I agree with you both...and even though I made it one way I like the feeling of it when the brown is on the top...and your right Barb you can see the soft fleshy colors...

  4. I do prefer brown on the bottom. Great piece!

  5. Anonymous9:46 PM

    Brown on top is my vote. Great piece. I love it either way.

  6. Well I signed with the brown on the top...I like the feel of that direction better...brown on the bottom was safe...I want to take a risk with it...


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