Friday, November 05, 2010

Wasn't sure how it would all turn out

Setting plans in motion and letting go of the results...tough one but done all the same. I was able to hang the show up in the restaurant and it looks good as they have changed the wall color and the pieces I selected for the one person showing looks great against the wall.  The restaurant has changed a bit I think it's called Chef Amaury 33 West  now and as I was finishing up doing a little house cleaning with the glass and frames(dusting) the owner Chef Amaury and Maureen were discussing a opening night...I really didn't want one but it's for his business to.  So November 18th a Thursday night there will be wine cheese and stuff around 5:30 on  and you can come and see the work I have hanging and enjoy dinner.  That was unexpected and a nice ending plan..

This piece is hanging at Chef Amaury's 33 West, Nov 4th- Jan 6th 2011.

Now tonight I will not be able to make it to Decatur but the Opening Reception will be at the Anne Lloyd Gallery.   I have about 7 piece in this exhibit...assemblage and collage.. here are two of the pieces that I have hanging in there..

 A moment in time 36 x 48 collage on canvas
Creative Lifelines,  small assemblage.

 Sample Gloria has sent me so I can see how to incorporate other materials. 
 Gloria's piece sample
My mini abstract landscape, with glassine papers between glass.

And here are some images of the Glassine papers fused between two sheets of class fired in a kiln...the major technique is left to the expert..Gloria the artist I'll hopefully be working with... I've not received these yet but expect to get them in the mail today or tomorrow.  I have to say I'm interested..especially after I seen in the book American Art Collectors an collage I thought till I read the info that was done in glass cool..

And last bit of info is this,  a while back I was sent an email to be part of this book, American Art Collectors, I sent my info and images in and waited, then I found out I accepted.  Now when your accepted you need to pay them 199.00 but you get 1000 postcards with 6 of these book with your work published in them...I have listed my to main galleries, The Flying Pig, Algoma Wis. and the Jackson Junge Gallery in the City of Chicago.  I will have to send them each a copy of the book...I was so tickled when I received it...for the price I invested that's just the cost of the postcards...I will see about doing that again for next year...well lets say I'll think about it. 

And I was able to work in the studio too with a moment to walk the dogs...was a very full day and loving it all the way...I've got three more like this coming with two family members birthdays, and being at the ILL. Art. Educators Association Conference this weekend I'm  just darn blessed... Sorry for the boasting but I can't help but feel it.. just say Thanks to higher presence in my life..


  1. I wish Chef Amory's was not a Thursday night, I am not flexible then. Pout. Great to see all that's happening and the new direction in glass!

  2. So great Laura :)


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