Friday, November 19, 2010

Recap on the Receptions at Chef Amaury's

We arrived a little past 5:30 traffic was a bit heavy and some construction, a few people were already there..Maureen and her husband, Tania and her girl friend with some regulars and a few of the Aurora area people that work with the arts around town...  Then a few more friends came, which was a very nice surprise.  After the reception around 7pm, my mother in law and I stayed for dinner which was wonderful.. great food there.

Well now that event is passed its on to the food shopping for the holiday feast and tending to the homestead and I really am needing a good balance of creativity beside cleaning and cooking so I'll be seeking a moment or two I'm sure the next couple of day in the studio...

I sent my journal to a dear Internet friend in Australia, Hi Uta!! and then when she's done she will send it to another collage/assemblage artist friend, Dale Copeland  that I've known over the years through the Internet too. Dale and I worked together when I curated the Human ArteFaks exhibit at Artful Gatherings some years back...I'm excited cause I can't believe the thoughts I had about this whole Make Your Mark journal project are being carried out as I share now... just too wild or it's the right path to take...not questioning that about the  here's, nows and how's just doing it.. Living that dream right!!

OK off to tend to the things on the crazy list with much gratitude today.

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  1. Wished I could have come. I was slow last night because of the game and made very little. Keep living the dream!


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