Friday, November 26, 2010

Opening up my studio to the little ones

Well I didn't get a chance to see how they were doing up in the studio but I heard and seen the after effects.  I set up a table with supplies for them (the children, mostly the girls) to use and they did.  It was good to see and they enjoyed it that is to be in big room like that..even Uncle Cliff said he liked it and remembers when he had a big room like that.. Sounds crazy but I'm thankful everyday for that studio..cause I remember when I was working on a card table with shoe boxes to store my papers and supplies in and I was delighted with that..  Everyone was happy and seemed at peace.. lots of good conversation going on.  I am a bit tired today but so.. so.. so... grateful to see everyone and have such a large gathering.. My nieces and their boyfriends to aunts and uncles that traveled in a few hours and to my brother and his wife Moe, whom helped us received a ford discount on the new vehicle.. My favorite story I heard was about my sister and the dog they adopted and the poor things recovery from ear infections to a skin fungus to how timid it is and my brother in law wondering why..all good but so enjoyable to hear the interaction between spouses and the Things We do for Love.. Well all the preparing for the day and it has passed gently and peacefully.. Yes the next holiday is knocking at my door but not going to worry about it today...I've got a little volunteer time to put in at the Art League and it will be good to see Nancy the Framer on duty..and artists friend. Oh I think cousin Doris may stop in to pick up some journals to work with the people out at Hesed I may be able to reflect on the holiday feast some more with her..
Then this weekend I do plan to get my bottom up in the studio myself.. still need to return the table and chairs I borrowed and put the clutter back into place again..Oh home, family and is good.


  1. Can feel the love and gratitude in your post. Glad everyone had a great time.

  2. Wonderful day! Like that name, the hankster.


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