Saturday, November 06, 2010

Make Your Mark Journal Project heads to the IAEA

I have supplies packed so that I can work on a journal maybe while things get slow but I hope they don't...we have about 106 journals left and we would like to get all 200 out so that we can receive a larger sum back less then a year from now..I have a table at this IAEA Cconference and there will be about 350 art teachers from all over the place coming to learn and take classes.  How cool it that...I might even see some familiar face from when my children too art classes.  Some things have started already but I set up today...there will be a few vendors there too so I'm hoping to take a pick at that...I invited another committee member to sit with me, Cousin Doris...Partners in not really but we have been spending some time together which has be great.. I was invited I think a year ago, to do a mini collage workshop...I loved it, when you have a challenge to do what you do in less time for more people...I think I had 35 teachers and two helpers...most then all walked away with a few finished things...Mainly to grasps the concept and technique... I have a open spot for art teachers always have..

 Now today is my Second Oldest daughters birthday and after this is finished I'll be rushing home to pick up her ice cream cake and ordering the pizza... she wants to have a special deep dish pizza.  Just the homestead family is going to celebrate with her..the rest of her friends did last night.

I was able to lay down the layers and fuse them to the canvas...did a glazing to the papers and subtracted the glazing I didn't want on there and now I'm working on the shading of the papers..then I can varnish it...I'll have all four done..I'll post them all when there done... I could probably going with the gray/yellow series but I just am at a exploratory stage with the less is more concept...hard to do when you a paper junkie...and want to add more and more.. Limiting myself to two colors and just using the different values is a good lesson. Well for me that is..

Dropped off my teaching contract with the Mayslake Peabody Estate people- Janneke.. and will be waiting for a response from her...had three people have a job change so things are a little tense now as the new people get trained in.. She's excited,  and so am I..what's cool now it they have a play going on now there that is in a few different rooms so you travel with cool is that.? 

Abundance is all I say.. juggling the directions and placement of the art...there is a new Center opened in Lemont and they are looking for artist...I need to look into that also...getting the work out there so people can see it..does now good stocked up in a closet... so this gal is keeping it out there as much as I can.. Trying to pick place that have a lot of foot traffic or should I say more eye's to see.

well need to eat a breakfast and it the road.. Looking forward to some smiling faces and joy...Art makes that happen to people doesn't it  especially if they can do it themselves too.

"toodles everyone"


  1. Whew! But all sounds like fun. Can't wait to see more of your journal pages.

  2. Oh...and just look at Hank! Those legs are growing, growing, growing.

  3. It was great to see the excitement generated bu=y the conference for the teachers. We all need them to be excited to share their knowledge with future generations.


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