Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Just some rambling with good thoughts

I was able to make the trip out to Artemisia but was turned down for my chicken her gallery space is more contempory and chickens are to country she didn't even want to look at the rest that I pulled I said after she announcned that...then I guess it's a waste of my time to pull the rest out for you to see..and she said yes... quiet and a bit hurt...but pulled the act together..cause this is business not an arm.. I thought if I had gallery I would have a feel for what I would want and what is selling in the gallery..she keep my one Collage Nude and I walked out with Kurka series and the other collage from the last three months... I share this cause it's part of the whole..not always do we fit in every where so we have to be prepare to find our spots at lest for the art work...not everyone is going to love blue..some like lime green right.. I then need to stop in to Cindy Fields Designs where last week I dropped of some work, I had to give her some charge slips for merchant accounts  she ran out and I had some..artists helping artists, well so I brought in three piece from the Kurka series, three egg one and two others from the Naperville Art League that didn't get hung.and she took them she likes the colors and subject matter.  I'm really happy that she took those because it was a practice for me to get back on the horse as so many time before..You know what I'm talking about...rejections in this line of business the skin has to learn to grow tougher or baby you better have a the next best thing lined up and do it..and that's just what I did..

Now home I was able to get my eblast ready and send that out as most of you have already received..and this morning I was able to write up the description and supply list for Whispering Woodland art retreat place..yes I've changed my mind again I'm going to do it...

Frames came in and after a good walk with the four legged critters I'll be framing them up and starting on the next 8 piece of 12 x 12 canvas I have primed and read.  Busting a move on something here..all these piece have really no place to go, I'm just doing them because I want to see what happens.. every day I try  to be in the studio with some act of creating be it cleaning or working on a project..

Oh had a nice Face book chat with my sister down in Arkansas..haven't chatted with her in along time.. was good..Hi Sis !


  1. Oh Laura such great words! You're like the birds coasting on the wind currents.

  2. Anonymous9:33 AM

    Glad to hear you 'got back on that horse' and showed the work to the other gallery. Success! That's what it's all about. Try and try again. All your work is lovely and you just have to keep going until the person that loves it and the art are one. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Sorry about thinking she'd take them, guess I was kinda remembering the flying pig gallery where they probably would make a nice memento. Glad Cindy Fields took them, downtown Naperville in Christmas rush should be good. And WOW has Hank grown!

  4. Thanks gals again for your kind words....Think it was the one book, I read awhile back about hitting brick walls or something and how you have to keep at it..cause you find you can climb right over them..I think in anything you love to do you keep the faith in it some how and the passion keep you going..


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