Thursday, November 11, 2010

A day in the Studio and walking in the woods for inspiration

I've set aside this day to easy into the studio but first I will be walking in the woods myself and then taking the dogs out separate...I feel I need to connect a bit differently today, as I will be starting my first design that might be part of a bigger glass piece with a group of other artists..I'm still sketch on the whole things but I need to take this step and see where I will go with it.. I wanted to draw it out and I may do that but the call for doing the paper thing is a lot is what I need and ideas that will spark other ideas..that's what this project is all about, working collaboratively with others from manufactures to artists to the people that will fund this large art piece that will hang on the wall some where if it all takes off the ground.. still in the incubation period now..

and I have to share that I received an email from the Peninsula School of Art in Door County and Karen there wants me in 2012  to exciting.. the year that collage will be 100 years old..she side to nudge her around August of 2011 to remind her of this and to fit me in...Oh you bet I'll be nudging...tee hee. 
Ok off to get dressed and eat my breakfast and do the walk/run things and back to the dogs and studio...Oh and darn it I have to go food shopping later..I wish someone else would do it ...but the duties I have are little compared to no completes just time to bust a move..


  1. I am sooooo excited for you!! This glass project has sounded so cool, since you first mentioned it!! And now teaching at Peninsula School of Art!! I love that place (after 2 classes there)and hope I'll get to take your class!!! You are on such an amazing path!!!

  2. All good news! Hugs!

  3. WHOO HOO! Awesome news! And love the photo of Hank. Ok I promise this weekend to try to capture Sparky the Fluff in photos.


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