Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Creative runs in the family

Hi everyone
had to share this wonderful creative project my son started working on yesterday and finished today...You see he made the bean bag toss game back in the first year of Woods class in high school...but no one plays it in our house..we just don't have big summer time party's anymore...( grown out of the drinking days where something like this would be a good thing..not that it's not a good thing but it would be something we would have done back then) I showed him the one I found on line..Homemade Raised Dog food bowls.  Now you can see how he converted it with what he's learned and walla! So proud of him...( mom smiling really big now and showing everyone in the house as they come in)  it's 18" high a bit tall now but you can see how Hank is growing so fast... soon it will fit just right.. the ones you can buy are over 40 bucks  so love it when you can be a tightwad and reuse and recycle other projects to get what you need. 

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  1. Fantastic! Maybe he could sell them at the vet clinic? We have a bulletin board full of stuff!


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