Saturday, October 30, 2010

A weekend home...

A few things to do this morning but paper to be made is also calling and a good walk in the woods, can it be all done today...I think so..kind of happy I have the weekend home and I don't have to be anywhere special... I was able to coat the papers I made the other day and their dry now and I was able to make four small collages on the glass with the glassine papers and rushed to the post office around 4:30 yesterday to mail them out.. that feels good, I'm exicted to see what they will turns out like.  I wasn't sure if I was to put glass over it or for now there glued with elmers and wrap with plastic wrap and sent out.. I was also able to pick up the leftover journals and bring them home so I can get things ready for Nov 6th at the IAEA Conference...was also able to stop and have them print a new banner small then other ones, then I need to make some more buttons and some handout sheets and I'll be ready...I'll bring my art supplies too, just in case I have some down time I can create a page or something..I stopped in to the art leagueand it was a crazy house,  they were all putting the holiday decorations up but I was able to drop off some art and a few prints.. Put a call in to the Artemisia gallery in Geneva yesterday and need to call her back and see about a switch of artwork there.  trying hard to stay on top of that as of keeping new work in the gallery especailly this time of year.

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