Saturday, October 23, 2010

Shift in what is most important

Though my art is a really big part of my life I've had a shift of what is most important.  I remember waking up and it was Art, art..and ART which was a great motivate and it got and push and steered me far but with this brake in teaching and some down time I'm seeing things a different way... I believe it's important to stop and re evaluate where you going and what's happening and what's important...Though creating my art is always a passion it's balancing it a bit better for my own sanity that seem to be in play right now...Can it be having it all a job in creating art, teaching it and be a homebody fulfilling?   I think so there's other things at play going some other purpose, though I want to be know as an artist and good one in the collage world I'm not all that super crazy about the being super crazy lately.  I guess it's more about the sanity then the push push push of the insanity...I plan on still teaching and presenting workshop just not at the same pace I was...Though I was thinking about all this prior going into the fall time I feel even more with the new puppy we have now it's reminding me of the home and creating a good environment for the new guy and how that will all be...What he learns now will be important later...mainly cause he's going to be a big dog.  Well fitting it all in yesterday with the Dentist appointment, teeth cleaning and the Doc visit for my son and his shoulder to the vet visit I was able to pick up the homestead and introduce Hank to the Vacuum Cleaner so he's not afraid of that and slip up stairs and apply some of the image transfers I wanted to add to the Faceless people series...Slower progress then before but happy and grateful for the progress.
Now to have a little girls weekend and hit Door County and show Doris The Flying Pig~
Living the Dream


  1. Welcome to Hank -- he's really cute, and I'm sure quite a bit of work at this point. Enjoy!

  2. I think this shift in importance and balance is a good thing! I went through the same thing about a year ago. I started working with local dog rescues to foster and find homes for the homeless and abused dogs in rescue. I still create art almost every day, but my work with the rescues gives me as much satisfaction right now, if not more. It is all about balance and following your heart! Congrats on doing just that!

  3. Good thinking, Laura. I know you think like me! So sorry about your son's mishap. And those puppy's legs are getting longer! And can't wait to see some pix of Door County - hope you and Doris had a great girl's weekend!

  4. Good to hear from you all and the get away was great! Oh I hear Hank mustarding up something.. PUPPY POWER here we come...

  5. Good, healthy shift.


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