Sunday, October 03, 2010

Naperville Art League Oct 2010 Two Day Collage Workshop-day 2

 I've posted my photo's but there a bit out of sink or not in order..sorry about that..  This is one of the exercises I present to the student to help them warm up before we really bring it to the watercolor paper... I have them place one piece of magazine on the postcard and pass it round until everyone has added a piece and let it come back to the original person and have them finish it up.. it's great fun to see what you end up with..
 Re is using the Silver hot foil on her piece...we kept teasing her about "not putting on to much Bling"...but she did well.  She's going to try the technique on a material piece today that she has hand in storage for a while and wasn't sure what to do with it...I will be excited to see what happens. 
 Barbara will not be coming back for the 3rd 1/2 day session today..not able to make it but I was so inspired by her work and that she is legally blind...I wasn't able to catch what disease is effecting her eye sight but she was so excited to do the collaging  it was infections to watch her go to town on it...She was tinkled pink to learn how to make her own collage papers.  We will miss her today...Good Luck Barbara!!
 This is another exercise I present to the students...all the papers are coated and everyone gets the same papers and amount and we have to use the same elements on each always amazes me how many different ways you can do that.. A compositional exercise too.
 Mary Gayle was busy creating a new world on her small Abstract Landscape and what a beautiful little space she was creating..

Re busily working on her abstract landscape too while the other was drying a bit..

Now today will be a half day at the workshop as the studio space is needed for afternoon classes.  I'm so fortunate to be able to present a workshop here the singular floor space is wonderful..NO Stairs...I'm a happy camper as all the students too.  I offered the extra day because I wanted to see what would happen with that extra day...with all that I present and how hard I worked the students it gives them the time to rest and come back and put all that they learned into better practice..well I hope so.. I've really enjoyed this time sharing with them... I will try hard to remember to take my flash drive out of the lap top this morning...(doing it right now) so that my daughter doesn't have to bring it up to me...yesterday Bernie my youngest came and brought it to me so I could take pictures and ended getting a speeding ticket..I feel bad but one does need to pay attention...Rats...her twin Jake just got one for not stopping completely at the sign...Well time for breakfast and to hit the road (no speeding and make sure I stop all the way) and working on making some art today...Whahoo!!!

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  1. Glad the workshop is going so well, but as expected!


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