Monday, October 11, 2010

Family weekend and gatherings

My parents had stopped by on Saturday morning and chatted with my mom for almost two hours and celebrated at my mother in law's for dinner as my nieces birthday is today but a lot easier to get everyone together yesterday...good family time.  I glad to report all is good with family on all of everyone is doing and well and moving forward on their lives and not stuck in the muck of things...

Now today I will be spending some time with my oldest again but more to do about work then social time.. You see I had to set an appointment with her which is find for me and her both so we can sit at the computer together and she can teach me some things so I can be more independent with my technology skills. Well that's the play I hope to be heading in that directions that is.. I was advised to looking in to making a watermark for my images I post on the web..which I've heard about that long ago but never put any more thought into but now seems like a good time to check out how to's so that I can make that happen and be a little more protected... I'm pretty much a free bird about that stuff but does hurt to look into this with the help I'll be receiving today..

I had planned to frame up at lest half of my abstract landscapes yesterday but got into the read of the end of the one story I'm reading in Women who run with wolves... been a bit lopsided about my reading as of lately so I'm trying to make up for it..and I've wanted to read some other books...just have to do it and make the small slots of time possible I guess..

so with at I'm going to gather myself and bust a move on the day.


  1. Good that you had family time in! Keeps you grounded. Glad all are doing well. There is controversy about watermarks. Some say that your site is not viewed as favorably, I think you can prevent copying without distorting the image.

  2. Watermarks not only give a little more protection but are great advertising too as you can add a web address. Not heard that watermarks are looked on unfavourably like Doris suggests. Wonder why that is???

  3. Anonymous4:27 AM

    Nice when we can learn from our children. Have fun with your new computer skills!


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