Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Trying to put a new schedule in action

Yes, that's right a new schedule..I've had to let go of somethings I enjoy doing in the morning and move them to different times of the day. I'm doing this because the mornings are my time along with the dinner hour that I so love to create.  I have about 20 minutes now before I have to head up to the studio, did a quick visit around the social networking areas...misc. blogs and face know  etc. and now making my morning post while eating my breakfast and watching the cat Sophie going nose to nose with a chipmunk at the bay window here in the kitchen...the nuthatch is also gracing the morning window gathering some sunflower seeds..  so see how easily I get distracted...trailing off.  Now back to the Schedule..I've wanted for along time to make a certain time of day my time to create in the studio...I've always been able to get to the studio but at odd times in between things etc.  So now working on day three of that I will be heading up shortly.. the hardest part will be to do it on Monday after the weekend...I've got a workshop to present this weekend and will be getting things set up in the early afternoon tomorrow then hopefully going out with the husband on our Thursday night date and trying to get to the tool look at a new scroll saw...lots of things to fit into one day but seems to be my thing...

I do have a Class that is starting to fill up in Naperville at the Art League Hoping to give a good try  as it's a new class offered from me..

Mixed Media Mini's 

Tuesday’s Starting Oct 5th, 12th, 19th, and 26th
Times 9:30-2:30
Instructor: Laura Lein-Svencner

Are you up for the challenge to work in a small format?

Mixed Medias such as acrylics, watercolors, inks, textured mediums, colored pencils, found and handmade papers combined with hand carved stamps will be introduced. Students will use symbols, gesture lettering, collage papers and images with a variety of transfers’ techniques, all offered to the amazing size 2” x 2” on a watercolor substrate. Each work session will be set up like mini workshop with lunch breaks in between. Supply list available upon registration to ensure individuality, plus a small supply fee will be collect in first class for added supplies. Student as asked to bring brown bag lunch and drink, or stroll to the wonderful corner neighborhood deli.

Register with Naperville Art League at 630-355-2530

Minimum 5 students Maximum 12 students

$136.00 for 4 weeks 5 hours each class.

supply list on line with Naperville Art League

There are still openings in the Two Day Collage Workshop this weekend if interested please sign up today or tomorrow but we'll take you the day of the workshop too, Because it's a go!!! we'll be having a grand time. sign up with Naperville Art League at 630-355-2530

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  1. I'm enjoying the new goal, very inspirational!


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