Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sitting at the table eating breakfast

As I take time this morning to moving into the day with grace, it feels like it should be a day when I dress in my favorite outfit and put on my apron and head to the studio, open up the back door and allow the coolness of the morning to coming.  I'm reading many books at once which is a deadly thing for a high energy person with dyslexia....but there are moments when I'm feeling for one book or another.. but this morning I started the Homing: returning to oneself from Women Who Run With Wolves.. Seem to be fitting for this time of year or just fitting for me.  it's about fixing the lost parts of ourselves, an not by going back but by going inward and reclaiming what is so natural and pure... so that's my sign to dress with a long dress down to the floor and to be womanly and allow the flow to come through. 

Yesterday, I was able to make it to the studio for about an hour and a half and got a very good start on three more small abstract landscapes.  I have about four more watercolor papers ready to go for this morning before I have to head out to do the homestead managers job.(different cap needed)   I'm feeling pretty accomplished as I was able to head into the city to drop off the three of the13 moon piece at J2 Gallery with prints of those three.  Picked up my Flash Back and Flash Back II with the prints I left with them...Oh to see hold friends, brings me right back to the day that I started on them and what I was going through my head at that time...well the exchange of the works has happens.. I was able to slip in some food shopping and came home to my second oldest daughter putting the food away which was a big surprise for...I ate my lunch and started on the fish tank..yes the 55 gallon fish tank that's been in the kitchen since the kitchen was completed..think back in 2003.. The one white Oscar is not doing well and I know it won't be long but giving her my best shot at a calm end... She's doing a lot of bottom tank laying around...So the tank wasn't that dirty but now the change of water is good though..(all house plants got a good boost of good vitamins, naturally).I ended up getting going in with my laundry and then moved into the making of homemade floured tortilla's and taco's...Auntie Sharon is in from Wisconsin and it's my treat to my mother in law to cook on Monday nights so we had the favorite in the house...Home made taco's with a cinnamon bread swirl thing I made out of a box but it just filled the house with wonderful smells.  So with all this recording and yesterday's events I'm going to close with this wonder of the season, I set here looking out at the back yard and the patio section that I so enjoy sitting at and the leaves are starting to fall.  One by one they drop at random inter volts... not like large snow flakes yet but soon...that reminds me I need to bring in the house plants from out side...so they don't freeze...to the studio I go.


  1. Anonymous2:45 PM

    A perfect day, work, family, and a moment to appreciate the joy of it all.

  2. Very warming post. Accomplishments without rush.


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