Thursday, September 09, 2010

Oh our friendly nieghborhood Stinker is back...

After the meeting for the Make Your Mark Journal project I came home only to almost having to give the Carl dog a special bath...yes you guessed it the neighborhood Skunk has made it's way around our home...with the weather getting cooler that only creates a reaction out of the wildlife living amongst us. And that reaction is to find a warm home for the winter months. The one neighbor has problems with the Masked Ones(the raccoons..)  Well so thankful I'm not dealing with a homestead smell of Ode' to Skunk this morning but the neighbor three homes down, her dog got it last week...not fun. The crow's have come to visit this morning and soon the Sand Hill will be gathering..all welcoming sights.

So some paper work and computer work this morning only to work in the studio this afternoon, I need to finish matting up some work and changing out a piece in a frame..something weird happened to my one frame and it's bowing...

jobs to do and grateful for that.


  1. Oh no! Oh poor sweet Carl!

  2. Oh, yeah, those stinkers are out in force this time of year. Had to close all my windows two nights this week due to the "aroma." Where are the coyotes when you need them??

  3. Just in case you ever need it, the "secret" recipe that really works on skunk smell is hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and dish soap (Dawn is best). DON'T wet your dog first -- just mix up a large batch of this and lather him up. You might need to do it twice, but I know from personal experience that it works! (And hope I won't need to use it again!)

  4. Thanks Kate, I have used that before with Carl, its the best..

  5. What's up with the skunks? I saw two roadkill this morning!


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