Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mid week Wednesday

It's a day I'm going to move into slowly...for some reason not that I'm sick, sore or tired but the need to move slowly has awakened me this morning.. I've not had the chance to just read and write and take in some well need inspiration in a long time.. My walk/run yesterday in the heat was good, raced with the presence of three different garden snake. One of them I had to touch it's back of black and yellow stripes.  It layed there and expanded it appearance as to say I'm bigger then you and you should be afraid...well I touched it and it swung around a made the attempt to bite me...I jerked back and looked around to see if anyone saw me...duh.. girl your in the woods...  The weather is changing and the season of fall is upon us tonight... I personal welcome the change of season..though I would love it to live up further north, ideally in Canada but now where I am will do..the end of one season to be brought into another watching, witnessing the changes before your eyes... the smells...I truly think that is way I love walking in the woods so much is I witness just that even more...the slight changes on into the full change.. Being part of and connected to my surroundings.. So my frames came in yesterday but I'm missing some as of the brown ones 6 x 12 -5 of them and 12 x 12 -3 of them I'm sure with the frame festival going they just could keep up with the orders and I'll get in on Thursday or next week... still OK.  But I won a box of 12 rag mats from the raffle..My mother in law came with me for the road trip that day and she filled out a raffle too so it might have been her winning ticket...Last year I won a sample box of frame spacers in clear, black and white..pretty cool I thought. 

Eating my breakfast as I type here... a brown rice tortilla with cheese and scramble eggs with some leftover mango salsa and a carrot..weird tastes this morning but going with it...the Oat mixture of cereal everyone morning has me a bit tastebud out..if you know what I mean so the mango salsa has a bit if a bite to it and it adds to the whole thing..

going to get dressed in some thing flowing and move on up to the studio to burn some incenses and start creating.

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  1. Wow, that's a different you! Taking it slow and not sick?


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