Monday, September 20, 2010

1st Place in Mixed Media-2010 Naperville Riverwalk

 2nd day of the Riverwalk, 2010 in Naperville and couldn't resist taking a picture of my booth, the skies were blue and the banners waving.. and if you can see deep in to the booth the wonderful bench I had to sit on..everyone commented on that as of how nice that I had that... I just looked out side the box on this set up of my both and it fit right in...just seemed natural to do that.  I asked for this booth spot, some may think I'm a bit crazed by it as of I could ask for the main street, but I would rather be by the river and now looking across from the river at that... people were a bit low on the path but we did get traffic.

Mr. Dick Tracy, (statue) everyone enjoyed this statue, I guess Naperville has 35 piece of celebrated art work all over the town sharing the history of Naperville and now that they have done that they will be looking to add more.  I have to share there was this little elder man and his wife walking around on Saturday in the rain gear, and he looked just like the statue Dick Tracy so when he came by I let him know and they didn't even realize it till afterwards and I said it's the hat that really got you looking like Dick.. they chuckled and we went away feeling good.

 Here's a photo of me sitting on the bench looking out from my booth..even though I was looking at campaign signage which I wasn't to into I still enjoy the view..the ducks and geese along with the four and two leggeds would entertain us artists all weekend.
Now I have to share this photo..when I pulled in on Sunday morning and parked the van there was this quite large cat sitting in the sit of these van...and it wasn't a cat that you would have at home I could tell from the markings on it.  I love her work it is so moving and Anne captures the spirit of the animal...her drawings are large and she won an award too..I think 1st place for Drawings. 

So now the weekend has passed and it's Monday, back to the homestead which is piled high of unfinished stuff from the weekend of coming and going..but that's's home. 

I will be preparing for two different things, the Make Your Mark Journal Project this Friday and Saturday and the workshop on Sunday...going, going, going and the husband lets me know that only so long and then it will finally go on the brinks...and he means me...I know I rest while moving if you can believe that one...hahahha. but I do I find moments to have and be in the zone and regroup the thoughts..

So just to added I won 1st place Mixed Media,(tooting my horn) and I ended up making some nice sales at the end of Sunday so with the rain and positive attitude for the art fair season I will be ending things on a good note. This was my last art fair this season and tested out the capabilities of putting up the heavy duty tent by myself and did the Husband isn't to happy though with the extra stuff from the older tent that means I couldn't fit it all in the van in one trip so I needed him to bring the work truck and not ride in like a knight on his Harley.. to come save his woman and use his man strength to help me haul the art and tent to the van..(hahaha ..... I know goofy but it' works for us...) Really the extra art work I brought in the boxes really did take up the space.
Rambling as usually and need to get the body moving or it might go stale and don't want that to happen..

Oh one thing I wanted to share with you all is it's funny to see and we chatted with each other(artists to artists) out there is that there isn't any younger artists doing this we are all about mid 40's and older..we all question is there going to be any younger artists to carry on the art fair scene??? or is it to expense to start out and sit all weekend? or is not an instant gratification for them the younger artists..don't know but something we all witness out there... Well I'm sure change is happening on that front and there will be a new way to do it...


  1. Love your booth; looks professional and inviting. Huge congrats on the well-deserved award! Thank you for sharing so much of your day; it makes me feel as if I were there.

  2. Congrats again! I can answer for the youth. They have free alley art festivals! Even us starving artists in our 40's cannot afford the booth fees of promoted fairs. The baby boomers took the art fairs and turned them into prestigious events for only a select few. Amazing job you've done to become one of those few!

  3. Congratulations on your 1st Place! And love hearing about all the things you notice in the day. And free alley art festivals sound like fun, Doris! Yes! Like Laura's art shows! That's the way.

  4. First Place? Woo hoo! Major kudos to you, madam! --Carol Leigh


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