Sunday, August 08, 2010

Workshop Today at DuPage Art League Aug7th and Aug 8th..Cont. Day 1

I wanted to share the layout of the studio room I'm working in at the DuPage Art League, it is so great and spacious.  I do know the workshop was taking over a few classes that meet in the room but it's only for the weekend and everyone will have their space the next weekend..Sorry folks.  I had a few parents wanting to coming in themselve and look around at all I had set up...Funny one dad was ready to take the class if the mom wouldn't have hurried him along.. that would have been cool I don't get many of the Male side in the workshops or classes.  I welcome them if they ever would like.. I only have 6 in this workshop and actually it is working out just great..lots of room to move around which is one of my own personal needs to have space and not feel like you always bumping into someone.  The Center tables are working out just fine for extra drying space... I used the idea from Jonanthan Talbot to have drying racks which allow the air to come in from underneath and also if we need to use the hair dryer.. but things are drying well as is...

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  1. Was this a youth class? I did not expect that. Great layout spaces!


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