Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Make Your Mark-Doings Newspaper interview today...

Today I have set up a small meeting with some of the committee people that are working with me on the Make Your Mark, Journal Project at LaGrange Art League.. There's a gal coming in to talk to us about what this project is all about..Eve is coming to help..thankful for that..I always get nervous...Not my thing..I like to be in the behind the scenes of things.. You know in the kitchen getting it all ready.. instead of out front.. (Homestead terminology..) so last night I was in a different kind of mood and want to add a sketch next to the other one in my MYM journal so I sat down and drew my giraffe puppet..I really love the thing.. can you tell?  now I need to do one more spread-two pages and I've my ten spreads and I can start sending it out into the world and getting other people to add to it.. few friends in New Zealand and Australia that I would love to have them add a mark to my book. 

New class that will be offered at Naperville Art League this October  dates Tuesdays the 5th, 12th, 19th and the 26th..check the web site at and you see the supplies and extra info.
but I had to have some samples and refresh my process on this so I worked on it pretty much half the day on it that is after I cleaned the 55 gallon fish tank again in the morning..My fish are sick and I'm thinking I won't have them long so giving them the best I can for now.. sad but life happens right? the cycles of the life /death/ life thing.

 You can pick any size watercolor paper you would like work with but here I have a set measurement so I can get 16, 2 x 2 squares. 
 I remember taking a classes about 5 years ago or more at Artful Gatherings in Lemont before it closed and I took a class with something similar to what I'm going to teach with some added twists to it..
 You can see the small gem here, I've used watercolors, pastels, colored pencils, collage material acrylics and a bit of some letter stamping with some gesture lettering..
 My red one with the Cardinals in it.. I usually hear the cardinals singing on the cooler days out back on my patio. There is a white little shape in there to symbolize a cat...the white inks I'm still waiting to coming my supply shipping maybe today.. the white gell pens don't cut it.
 Here is the lay out of some of the piece..This is a great art class for multi tasker's or short attention spans....cause if you get tired of one you jump to the other or while one is drying you work on another.. keeping busy all the time.

Now this are great in a 8 x 10 mat and framed up but they also make some great little piece of art on a card..


  1. Anonymous8:54 AM

    Really beautiful little project. Is there a particular brand/type of tape you use? Thanks.

  2. I've been using drafting tape..not as sticky as masking tape..

  3. Ohhhh -- what great little works of art! I'll have to see if I can clear my schedule for that class!

  4. Love your giraffe, Laura! And love the little squares! Marge and I have done this before in a workshop, maybe at Artful Gatherings too! Beautiful little ones!

  5. we were in the same class I were the idea came from with a bit of spin that I'll add..

  6. What a great project! Would so love to make my own cards for a change, and the giraffe is a wonderful sketch... wondered why you stayed away so long!


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