Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Life goes on and another storm rolls in~

this morning collage sketch..4 x 6, Without.. collage on watercolor paper...
I'm all packed but my own tools and supplies for the workshop this weekend.  Feels good, seem my anxiety is at bay... While I was packing the familiar came into place and the feeling of I know these items and papers.  I couldn't help but have this confidence running through me like I really know all this so well.  Like greeting a old friend...Can it be that way with art supplies and a routine of teaching a workshop...well don't know but it's how I feel...I've crossed over my anxiety about preforming I guess. I really can't wait to get in to the classroom setting.  So with that I have a studio room over packed on one side and a mess on the other side. I've got a few projects happening and plus I've been trying to make a collage a day for this past week to see if I can do today is one week, still need to make one...and clean up after myself and like I said before pack up my tools and stuff for what I need to show the students.. I believe I had 6 students signed up..

Now for the storm...blowing in and seems that our young adult have hit a snag in the financial department with of they and we all thought that the last two semester were covered with the financial aid...well it hasn't been so they and us are scrambling for solution to this bit of a tornado that's come upon us...They still can get into the college this semester but need to pay up all back semester before the new year...Ouch..lets just say Ouch...  Oh life will go on and more storms will come through many more times in our life time and theirs...Big Growing pains with this one...

off to work on a collage sketch..


  1. Seems to happen quite often with the colleges. All the young adults scrambling to pay their loans and no high paying jobs they expected to achieve from their degrees. Tough that they need educations and it should be given freely to ALL. Let's all move to California.

  2. Wow, what a nice piece of the day! I like!

  3. Somehow it'll all work out. It always does. Beautiful collages, Laura!


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