Sunday, July 25, 2010

Up so early

I am up so early...I really don't want to let you all know how early..I went to bed last night around 7:30pm. I'm so glad my family is a bunch of Young adults, I felt bad though as my two youngest turned 19 years old we didn't celebrate...but will on Monday night with Grandma S.  I've been playing and hoping and dreaming the illness or sickness I've been carry around with me all week will pass..I still believe it can but it is bothering with my sleep and that's not good. I can swallow now with out a lump in my throat but the whole neck is sore inside and out below the ear...I just need to get through this day and tomorrow...I'm really thankful Randy was able to help me set up.. and today he'll come and help me take was so scary to do it on Friday but this gal did her praying and the clouds broke and Yesterday morning I came in after the heaviest part of the rain and was able to get the art in the tent...Now I ask why am I doing this..?  its the best location to get the most amount of people to see your work which leads to a higher percentage's of a sale...chasing the might dollar...  But there's more to it all too. experience, people, and just in the center of it all. where the action is with the arts.So now with being up so early I've got my laundry dried and the dish done only to pack up shortly and head out again.. Last day of the Geneva Art Fair and I'm right in front of Cocoon's how cool is that? not been in there but today may take a peek..


  1. Hope it was a good day yesterday, Laura,and that you felt better as the day went on. I have something going on with my ear too. It was a beautiful day though, huh? Can you rest today?

  2. I've had a little backed up congestion too. Not wiped me out though, seems to be cooking up in the heat! So, what is Cocoons?

  3. Laura,
    My Husband Charlie says the Nevr Dull works only with National Geographic because they use soy-based ink. He should know he's been in the printing industry for 40 years
    Carol Steinhauer


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