Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Still Questioning what happened

Yes I'm still questioning what happened, like if I could go back and figure it out I wouldn't have gone through this weekend...My's done already let go of it...I tell myself... I'm mending nicely, rest and not so much movement in the neck area and knowing my limits with that things are much better... I think I'm invinceable sometimes and I can go and go and go and my body will be there on command..Jokes on me..
But it's given me some time to tend to little ta do's around here... My two daughters are heading to Michigan leaving today and back on Friday or Saturday... their all excited.. I've totally stayed out of the whole process...My gosh their, 19 and 22 now... What's funny is I see me in them as they pack up...list and folders to keep the brain and paper work together...Too funny...taught them well..There father is even impressed with the Jeep maintenance they are doing to prepare for this...I guess the family Pow Wow a few weekends ago really helped them see some things differently... Well I'm impressed and wish them a fun time...Road Trip

Well I've got some exampling to do today so I can put my packets together for the workshop soon,  I keep added more paper techniques so I need to photo shot the process first and write up a page about it..
Boy it sure feels great to have the body back to almost top shape...

I have to drop off two piece maybe one more to the Napeville Garden Club at the Naperville Art League today..there going to have them in a show with the garden show coming up..I guess a few other artists too.  Exciting..I am also need to help my son take a trip up to Mundeline to see about a new/used pick up truck he wants to buy...if it's a good deal he drives it home...Working little fool that he is has made great progress with is vehicles. We call him the money miser..


  1. Oh Laura what the heck did you do to your neck? Haha! See I'm a poet! Seriously though I hope you mend quickly and stop flippin your hair.

  2. Good to hear the family projects are going smoothly! And great that you're mending so quickly!


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