Friday, July 02, 2010

Quickly answer them.... and engage...collage moment

I work up this morning with the funny need to run up stairs to the studio and make a collage... grabbing what ever was available and letting it happen...

I brought the paper outside with me and looked at them now and then as I did my morning pages or journaling.. Their the same papers I using for the Faceless people series I'm working on...

After I finished my morning brain drain I quickly put the paper together arranging the shapes and values of them...ran back up stairs and tacked them down..then grabbed the black thread and needle I had and brought it along too...did some stitching till the needle broke and I needed to fresh my coffee.

New needle, full cup of coffee sitting on the back patio with all my stuff..lap top, list books, paint, brush and some baby wipes.. the chipmunk is out here to gather the morning mouthful along side the sparrows, young grackle, young morning dove... Oh life is good. 

I quickly finished up the collage added my shadowy bits to it, an image transfer then cut some strings and tape off.

Now answers these question or stems fully. 

If I were to bring 5 percent more consciousness to my daily activities---- I would feel that much more alive.

If I were to bring 5 percent more consciousness to my choices and actions---I would feel more confident

If I were to bring 5 percent more consciousness to my important relationships--- I wouldn't be so afraid to share more, and second guess myself.

The hard things about operating  consciously is--- it's work.

The reward for operating consciously--- might be feeling more alive.

I am becoming aware--- my life is really rich and good.

In the big scheme of things...
6 x 6 collage
created July 2nd, on morning thought to wake up and create a collage to no set directions but to act on and engage in.


  1. love love your collages. i hope to get to such a great stage at some point... still learning and experimenting. i also want to make my own papers, especially out of local weeds.

  2. Hi Monica,
    Find yourself some books on paper is a process as of using the right plants to get the best results... not all plants work...I remember when I start about 13 years ago with collage I said I was going to learn as much as I can..and well I'm still learning but I've found an area that I like and I'm making it mine...building a good foundation there and still open to new things. Good luck on your personal end up meeting so many good people and learning so much.


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