Friday, July 23, 2010

The question asked these days-What's my voice? How do I find it....

I received an email this morning from Robert Genn, which in the art world if you've not heard of he's emails and seen his work you better...he sends out twice weekly a little email tidbit of information sometimes useful and sometimes not, depending on your art medium but always informative.

What I find funny is all the artists and students want to get this like from a fast food place...McFind my voice in my art...and how you get it is by doing what all artists have done before you...Worked at and allow it to develop. I read this email and thought about myself and what voice I have...I don't really know but I know I've heard people say I saw your work I recognized it.  So something is happening and a unique style has emerge from what I do, though it always changing there is still something about ones work that speaks up and give voice... I can quiet pin point it myself but if I was guessing I would be the torn edge of the papers, that is what I'm attracted to when I create my stands out to me the edge so giving and willing to receive what every is giving to it...  so from the last part of the What's my Voice copied in Robert Genn's piece.. thought it was pretty good.

"What's my voice?" has to be asked by each individual artist. Committee-free, the artist needs to develop her voice as if on an island. To be a voice is to be a different voice, set apart, unique. How to find it? Go to your island, put in long hours, fall in love with process--your voice will come out of your work. Robert Genn-Finding Your Voice

I will be setting up my tent this evening in Geneva, weather willing and my sore neck...I've gotten some kind of a bug, because the neck is sore in side too but not scratchy, kind of lumpy so with taking it easy and a few naps I'm sure I'll be feeling ready for this... I've been working up to it now for about three days..funny how things are..I went to bed at 7:30 last night..hoping more rest will allow the body to fight this darn things off.  More rest in order but Art Fair must going on..


  1. Laura, Good luck with the art fair.
    I read your blog almost every morning after my morning tea as a way to get inspired with my photo-taking. I love the fact that you're so connected with nature. Hope you feel better. Must be something going around. I came down last night with earache and bad sore throat.

  2. I totally relate to what you said about not knowing what your voice is. I've had similar comments--I recognize this art as yours--and I wonder why. To me, it feels like my art is ever-evolving, just like me, and what I did last month feels different from what I'm doing now. And yet people tell me "It's so YOU."
    But whatever the case, we just keep creating, cuz we have to!

  3. Hmmmm. It has evolved and taken on a life of it's own. Nope just kidding. Looking back at your old work is like looking at the path leading to today's work. Waiting expectantly for more good and even better works in the future!


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