Sunday, July 11, 2010

Naperville Women's Club 51st Annual Fine Art Fair-Laura Lein-Svencner, Merit Award

 It was a great start to a fair weekend, the weather could be more perfect and the booth neighbors too, the crowd were a bit low as to compare to last years but I was visited by dear friends... Robyne, Jim, Denise, Kate, and many others,  few returning customers too.. One of my art tribe buddies and her husband purchase a reflective tarp that was a god sent... I use the back panel of my sides for a Lean Too or extended back on my booth section  and sun still comes through and beats down on you...I've dealt with it in the pass but this year...getting order and the body rebels more things this was a wonderful blessing to have.. I'm hoping for bigger crowds today..Sunday has that way about her...usually the Saturdays are used to run around and do all the things you could all week and you get one day to have fun..So us artists are hoping for the crowds to come..

Well now checking on the emails before I regroup, pack and head out I see that I won an Merit award...How Cool is that... I had a fellow artist let me know,  I'm such a chicken with the heat sometimes that I pack up and locked up and headed right home..didn't stay for the Awards...Tammy Deck with TLD Designs let me know..what a sweetie...

I would like to get there early enough to shoot the booth for next years entries... but need to take down the extras so it's just the artwork and nothing else... well that  means it time for me to get going..

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  1. Congrats! Didn't see this before the day, but knew it was here!


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