Tuesday, July 06, 2010

A much needed trip to the Zoo

I'm trying some new things out..my camera has a video mode and I did a video of the wolf walking by the big window. It's seems that Doris and I made to the Zoo at a great time to see the Wolves active in the habitat... which is always a very intimate moment to see this creatures even behind the glass..Their environment is so natural it's great to see that too.   I didn't take as many pictures as last time,  but a few special ones I posted. The tunnel to pass through has the sound of the buffalo running over the plans what a awesome feeling and sound of the hooves..so many and so powerful.. My favorites at the Zoo are the Bears, Bison, and the Camels and elephants. 

I have to say it's such a good time to hang out with the cousin..as long as she can put up with me and my attention situations...I'm so like a little kid as of trying to grab it all in at once...Can't help the blood line can you.. There was one thing that I realized for myself...I've been so removed from the stroller years that I felt like I was going to be attacked there yesterday..Of course it doesn't help that we went against the flow of the people a few times...I share with Doris I was going to have Stroller nightmares...   I forgot to share with her I would like to do the boat trip in the city some day soon too.. so we will have to look it up...I can see us doing this as we get older.  She left a loaf of pumpkin bread yesterday and I got into last night..oh is that great..so natural I will have to get the recipe for that...My kind of bread..

I might have to take a road trip into the city today for switch out art work for the Art Diaries show...I've not heard back from Robin the gallery owner but will call her today.. and darn it' the yellow toner I ordered didn't come in..need to get on their butts about that three weeks now.. don't think it went into the system..as the list grows I'm just so grateful to share an artist date yesterday..


  1. Hi Laura,
    So nice reading your posts lately. They are soothing and speak to my own soul. I like where your writing is going.
    I love that top image you took a photo of. It looks almost surreal and like a painting.
    Neat you are going on play dates. You and Doris seem to have so much in common. I'm like you, so stimulated by everything around me. That's good, that excited energy. Nice video, sound effects of happy children watching the wolves.

  2. Me too - always a paper person, Laura. Coloring, drawing and cutting out paper dolls. You had a nice day at the zoo with Doris and that pumpkin bread sounds good! I need that recipe too.

  3. thanks Bev, but I can't take all the credit for the writing some is from the book I'm reading and then I slip in my own stuff that's going on in my little world of thought.

    yes I'm hoping Doris will share that recipe...the whole family liked it add they usually are the healthiest of eaters..but I'm trying to convert them..little by little..

    Doris and I've are just months apart and we've been together doing things for so long it feel great to get back and continue to do more.. We use to carve linoluim plates in the play house of her back yard instead of playing dolls we were distant to be artist...


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