Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Where did the day go?

The Husband came home from work early yesterday because of the Rain and brought me a turtle for my back yard garden paradise... such a sweetie.  I was looking for one and he knew I wanted a turtle. 

 Another entry into my Art Journal for the Make your Mark...Page 4 of 10.  I use a postcard my daughter designed for the MCS group and it was Eve's image which I think now April owns the piece of art work.. Then entries just happen and I allow them. I don't question them or critique them either...I trying not to.  Hard to do for an artist..but trying to train myself not to..it's to be a simple of act of putting my mark down on the page and how I feel what I choose that day can make no sense or a lot of sense.  It really doesn't matter.

I was treated with a great little after birthday gift.  My oldest daughter volunteered to cook..You see my mother in law comes over on Mondays and she's been doing that for about 3 1/2 years now.. and we would trade off Monday nights. Well we've not taken that over and will be making dinner every Monday and this time Stevie my oldest made a great dish...the house smelled so wonderful, this also gave me time to slip in the lawn cutting and shower...what a gift that was to sit down to dinner and not have to be the cook.. Made her feel good that she was able to do it and I wasn't in the way of the space she need..hmmm I totally understand that when I cook. 

So lawn is cut and feeling very blessed, I was hoping now to get up stairs today before 9:00 am and get sometime in on the next piece.  I have it ready to go but staling form some reason..could it be fear...you bet. after make the other piece with the faceless people it came together so wild and I was so into that I wanted to continue this series or make another one..but the personal pressure of repeating the moment is upon me..That's it repeating the moment...never will that happen the same way again...or trying to go back and relive it either.  So now that I see what I didn't even know that is try to capture something... I will have to have a bit of time to reflect on what I want to create or let put it like what needs to come out. I know once I'm in it will happens things always come together...so let it happen.

I walked the neighborhood yesterday put on a good 41/2 miles...need to switch it up from time to time so I don't go stale and it's good to see what my neighborhood is doing..being aware is a good thing.


  1. Whoo Hoo! Way to go hubby and Stevie for pampering the queen of the household!

  2. Wonderful birthday gifts! I know what you mean about trying to relive that moment... very often a drawing that has set for awhile cannot be finished in the same mood or fashion. The moment has passed and this one is new.


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