Monday, June 21, 2010

Slipped in a little time in the studio

This is the tool to have for this type of job.  My Son received this tool after winning it for a project he entered in wood shop a few years ago... Got a new blade for it and it cuts like can do some many other things but all I need it for is cut a whole out of my cradled board.  You can see next to the whole is my little Balsa Wood box.. I decided to put the box on the left side instead of the right... seems I'm repeating myself all the time so I wanted to switch it up a bit or like I've heard...artist like to create problems to be solved...does that have to do with creating drama on the canvas?  if that's so I'm pretty go at that..

Don't know if I'll be getting back to this right to some many other things in the pot stirring... I do need to give the Sir Speedy Printing place a call and see if my cards are ready.. Oh and I received an email for the Geneva show and they are not allowing Giclee prints...darn it..Oh well.

I also need to check on a size of a piece...sure hope I keep good records of see we are heading up to Door County area, Algoma this weekend coming and I need to replace the Plexi in the one piece, it's scratched up.  So I was going to order that today with more form core and be ready..  So many little things to keep me busy...

And the one Mulberry bush that I really don't want at all where it is,  needs me to cut it back or down to the ground again and I would like to scrap off the bark and cut that up into 1" piece and make it in to paper some day soon but you have to strip it and cut it all in the same day, if it gets dried on the branch it's a bear to strip off.  one shot deal as of doing it all in one I my have to hold off. After I strip and cut it it will be find. 

Off to start the day....

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  1. well, If you need to strip some mulberry bark... I've got plenty. Cut a few branches off yesterday, many more to go!


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