Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Plan is.......

I would like to be in the studio this morning and take care of the prints and then make a move on the next Cradle board piece...I heard that it's not to good to let time be between pieces... But.... I do need to head out to Naperville and DuPage Art League to drop off Display boards to help promote the workshops I'm to teach this fall... I was thinking of doing a whole day of road trip and swinging over to the Norris Gallery and taking a quick peek at the Exhibit from the Midwest Collage Society... I would also like to see how my pieces are doing out at the Place in Aurora too. I also need to drop off artwork if I would like to be in the "Spontaneous" Exhibit that is offered through the Naperville Art League members. It's to be on Display at the North Central's New Gallery. Well it's one of those days when if I stayed home that would be just fine too... but need to put this all in to motion for the furture jobs.. Best bust a move on this all, sitting a stool in the Kitchen's not going to make it all happen that's for sure.

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  1. That's a lot of driving in one day! In itself exhausting!


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