Tuesday, June 01, 2010

New collage finished but untitled as of now

 Having Courage 30 x 30 cradle board

As of now the piece is untitled, I've got some more thinking to do about this piece, as of what is it I was trying to say? using the monochromatic colors of grays and the one wooden manikin in the box and the other one with only the heart... I really let the intuitive side of me come out. I had intended it to be about the faceless people but it's taken on something else... So now it's complete in it's assemblage but for it's title...which it will have a title I'm not finished with it... I feel very emotional about this piece... with the way the day went yesterday I stayed in the studio most of it and finished this up and then I went into action and made more papers similar to the ones I have. I'm caution as of I can't re produce the same piece again but other ideas long the same line are coming in to view...I showed my oldest daughter and she has some concerns as of another series...the last one I did took a year in the making...I think she fears my anguish I went through to complete it... You see the differences with this is I can stop this or continue this series at any time...The other one had a final number 13...

After about 4:30 in the afternoon it looked as though the rains had passed and I decided to go for a walk in the woods. I've been having problems with my left arm and I believe it has to do with my jarring of my arm when I use the walking poles..I'm really working them but it's jarring a part of my arm that doesn't work well later so I walked with out them a few times now, but my hips are bothering me...You see walking with the poles helps you use your body differently and not add some much stress on you joints...I walk hard too so that's always been a situation for me. So on to the walk, I spotted a Indigo bunting..what a wonderful shade of blue. After seeing that color I wanted to bring that idea into another piece of work like I just finished doing.. There is a story to be told I just have to trust it as I go along...I really don't know..

The fog is amazing this morning I'm sitting out back on the patio and the sounds are alive... Carl my buddy is at my side.. I did take him for a walk after I got back from mine in the woods.. he surely enjoyed that. I think he misses Darby too. We are blessed to have that come into our homes and help us fill a void for a moment...He's was a easy guy to live with. Carl though has slimmed down a bit which is good as he is a littler dog and need to drop a few pounds.. We didn't walk him as much cause we all felt bad not taking Louie with out him so he put the weight on.. Things have a way of changing don't they?


  1. It looks fantastic! I kinda get a prison feeling from it, or maybe a holocaust... okay, maybe just a census bureau... our pain doesn't quite register with statistics.

  2. Really great, Laura. Love the grays. And love the one little heart.


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