Monday, June 28, 2010

More images from the weekend in Door County WI.

 So the images never get loaded in the way I would like them to so we are going to be jumping around a bit.. This is one of the sculptures Randy and I liked the was a big bell, or gong...The elements used were of all different sorts, wood pedestals with the brass Raccoons and the bell I'm not sure but I did use the stick there hanging on the wood leg and use it to hear what it sounded like...Beautiful you may have to click on the picture to see it closers.
 This was also at the Edgewood Orchard Gallery but in the back 40ty.. we were both drawn to the beauty of this old piece..had to have an picture of that.. thankful for the digital age where I can bring this home and change the sizes and look to is or leave it just the way it is..some day it will be in the art work having some great meaning.
 The beginning of the Sculpture Garden you walk through,  I just fell in love with it all the rock wall and the red rock path.  What was so intriguing was on the rock wall was smaller smooth rocks stacked... I think I share yesterday about that. I had to have some of my own..But for the mean time when I walked through the need to touch them was very strong and I was able to play with me..
Here are a few of them..I have a coffee can full of them in different sizes.. There so smooth..and such a cool natural element. Nature has create a wonderful meditative thing at lest for me.. My obsession with multies of things...secretly I believe I've got some Hoarder Genes in me... four wouldn't do it had to be a bucket full.

So now I'm home and back into the morning scene and feel all refreshed and grateful.. The husband and I both admit we are homebodies we like to putts around our home and be lost in our little hula hoop of property..But it is great once an in a while to get adventures and come out of the comfort zone.


  1. What great sites to visit! Glad you had the opportunity for this trip!

  2. Awesome photos! And ooooh love love the rocks!!


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