Saturday, June 26, 2010

images of our journery yesterday...

 These Gear Heads are a the faces...and love the name since I've got a few Gear heads in my house. 
 The husband took a picture of me...such a sweetie the first one had me digging in my purse...
 A view from the second floor window... Randy was liking the bike... he has to take a few picture of it..
 The Red Mustang for Berine our youngest daughter.. 3500.00 is all there asking for...bit of a rust bucket though.
 The Man standing next to the Praying Mantis the head moves..
Here are a few of my piece hanging on the wall at the Flying Pig...Good to see them there and I have two more but I'm bring home two because of the Plexi glass is scratched...make personal note...don't use plexi..

It's our 29th Anniversary and we're killing to birds with one stone as they trip to pick up the two damages piece of art and to celebrate our years together as a married couple..interested as we journey together when we are so use to do thing alone... Lets say eye opening, exciting and very relaxing to have been with this person for so long and have a lot of giggles and special moments.  Well off to have some Breakfast and hit the streets...yesterday I took charge and made the choices now today it's his turn...let see what kind of trouble we get into..


  1. Happy Anniversary and have a wonderful time!!

  2. Happy Anniversary! Sounds like a fun way to celebrate.

  3. Congratulations to you both. My wish for you is many more happy years together.

  4. Thanks Everyone one...:) We're smiling

  5. Another belated anniversary greeting! Love you guys!

  6. Happy Anniversary Laura and many more. Looks like a great fun adventure!


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