Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Flavor for Mixed Media book and Aurora Art walk pictures.

I did get a chance to head up to 57th Street Fine Art Fair in Hyde Park this past Sunday. I mainly wanted to go to see Mary Beth Shaw which I did end up finding her there and chatted for a while. She shared with me the postcard above which is the book she asked me to be one of the contributing artists. I'm so excited for her...now me I'm not a writer, so to see people put a book together like this is great!! Flavor for Mixed Media
The book is expected to come out in Feb. 2011 but you can pre-order a copy now...
While I was there I saw a few artists friends also in the show, I always scout out the scene and I have to tell you, I'm not one particularly favorite to the big city show..I know they may have more people coming and the support the city has towarda the arts is sometimes better then the suburbs but I'm not one for the closeness I seem to need some space, and more green around me... but I heard Mary Beth had some good sales at the end of the day. Always good to hear.

Here we are, Anne Huges the First Place Visual Artists and then Cheryl Holz, myself and Maureen Gasek in the middle with our big checks... I'm just so tickled about the big check..I just remember watching TV when I was younger and the Ed McMahon Sweep stakes winners... And my parents, along with everyone else's back then were filling out the envelopes and returning them to take that chances and become a Winner! Well you know where my mind was when I was holding the check...Flashing back a bit...now to reality..

I spent the good morning part up till 11:30 in the studio.... started at 7:30, good thing is Blogger was down so I couldn't post so I went up stairs to start on matting up some piece for the bins and a few others that made nice small framed ones... but before I knew it I was off playing around on three other new pieces... One of them is interesting but the other two I'm not to sure of. I was just using my papers, I've got a few boxes of scraps that I really should use up..... I'll take a look this morning to see the damage I did...mainly I was in play and wasn't thinking much.. just felt really good to do that. I decided to give the morning hours all this week to catch up on this cause next week I've got to clean house and get the paper making tent going..oh it's up but I need to pull the stuff out and set up inside. Crystal Neubauer is stopping in for a visit, we where going to do a studio visit at each other's home but she's moving so packing up the studio is what she doing now.. but maybe later on I'll travel up her way to see things.. She just became a member the MCS.. Oh I also wanted to share the latest Artists Magazine there's an article by Jonathan Talbot about collage and very informative sites too.
Well I think I've posted enough stuff, seems that I must have missed my posting yesterday ah?


  1. Proud proud proud. Ok, so are you going to make a collage with the big check? Great links by the way.

  2. Anne Hughes, does she have a website, Laura? I'd like to see her work!
    So good you explore the fair circuit. I often dream of doing the Magnificant Mile art fair. Still, Chicago has a whole different feel, for sure!
    Hm, hope that check fits into an art supply cash register somewhere!
    Ed McMann would be proud!!!

  3. Elena, I hadn't planned on it...still gloating over it but maybe in a few weeks.

    Bev, she doesn't seem to have one.. I think she said see was from Willmette area.. so you might want to do a search..

  4. Congrats again, what fun to have such a large memento. Probably needs a frame, hung in the studio.


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