Friday, June 11, 2010


Where am I today?
What directions should I head in?
and what needs to be done first??
I've got a pile of stuff to do...well I should say when don't I have piles of stuff to do. I've got my package ready with a nice letter for Mr. Bruchac the author of the book I've been using for the past year as inspiration on this 13 moon series. The prints are inside and need now to pack and tape it up.
I've contacted a good Artist friend April on where she gets her cards done. So I'll plan to heading out that way after hitting the post office. And now I'm also debating if I should send a copy of the work to the Gallery in the city...You see I also have some Fine Art Fairs I'm in this summer that I would like to show the work at, cross roads on that...heck I don't even know if the gallery will or would like to have them. So I could sit here and play mind games with myself on that one. Calls for taking a risk I guess, I'm thinking I would like to make some copies of them, color that is and send in a nice packet to the J2Gallery. (note to self or on the list, bring artist proof with me to the printer when I'm going to see about cards) The American Art Collectors Book I was accepted in will be printed and out in October of this year and be passed out to area galleries and collectors...So there's a direction to head in, I can see what the gallery would like to do about that...present in and let it go... Oh heck more paperwork to do....

I framed up the pieces I created the last few days. 5 more to be exact... I've got 4 more frames darn I fill them??? the urge or obsession to do that. Well I best got my bottom off the kitchen stool and bust a move on things...Shower first...hate when the agenda starts to jump in front of the body...

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