Sunday, May 30, 2010

This and that....

Right across the street is another place to eat, couldn't help myself I had to take a picture of the good stuff on the outside of the place just looking all good and rusty...My eyes were drawn to it right way.
This is the restaurant that my work is in for the next month.. Part of the Flash Back series that isn't in the J2 Gallery in the city...I've not eaten there yet but I'll find out next Saturday for the Aurora Artwalk...33 West Trattoria, on New York Ave in Aurora..there is a row of restaurants all down the street. It's should be a good time..
Chatted with my mom in Arkansas last night...late for us and she's doing well. She needs to fix the riding lawn mower some thing with the fuel filter or she hopes... Well I found out that it wasn't Doctor Bicek that brought me into the world it was Doctor Hill...not biggie I'm here right that's all that matters but it does matter to get the story straight so you can pass it along in the best content as you can... It's always good chatting with her. Hi Mom!!
Yesterday after dropping off my work I was able to fit in a nice walk in the woods..the bugs haven't made themselves a pests yet, it was about 11:30 when I got out there so the heat was turned up...Still it's always a place of comfort for me a place to ground the soul and reconnect. I walked once around and then came around the last time and saw the doe, and two year old fawns which now I can see on is a young buck with his 5 inch high fuzzy furred antlers coming up.. the fawns will stay with the doe now till the new fawn or fawns are born then there on their own and will meet up later in the fall... It's really a blessing to see it all make it's cycles..nature that is. So full of sweat and feeling very good about the walk I went home to have some lunch and then head up to the studio...I finished up on some shading of the new work and then I had to coat it with polymer and let it dry... I then went into the framing mode and put my floater frames on 9 piece of the series... I'm still waiting for the other 4 to come back from the photographer. I'll be picking them up on Tuesday...then I need to look into getting prints done of this series and have them ready for the art fairs... busy, busy, busy... While I was framing I watched the movie Dear John...I'm a Channing Tatum it was very enjoyable to frame and watch the movie... the tough communication they needed address was amazing in this many time we say things and they don't come out the way we want them to and then it gets left that way but the were able to really express themselves and work thought it..well that's what I got out if it..
The plan or plot of the day is to work in the studio and I do have to hit the store for the Darn toilet paper...hmm I wonder who's going shopping I could have them pick some up. With a house of 6 and active we seem to need a good stock of it around.. I always joke that someone must be eating it...and then I look an there's the Cat-Sophie pulling it off the roll joke but she's really not eating that much.


  1. Somebody unrolls mine when I'm not home? Couple times I bought it by the case when all the kids were home. Good that you had a chance to talk to Mom, I believe Dr. Hill was my Mom's doctor also and never made it to the hospital for her births so she switched to Serendynsky when I was a few weeks old.

  2. Love that old stuff on top of that building! And glad you had a little boarder for a while, Laura. It helped, huh?


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