Monday, May 03, 2010

Road trip in to the City today

Deer Moon in mid stage.
Project we did yesterday at the MCS meeting.. paper folding with 3 Amis Design group... was a process and a wonderful one at that. We had a really great group and some more new members! Wahoo!
Today I have to head out to the City to pick up a piece that was in a show at the Swedish Hospital, they also printed the image of everyone work in a book so I will be receiving one of those... I would like to utilize my road trip and see if there is anything in the area that I could stop in to see I'll be doing a bit of research or surfing around.
I would like to get on with the Deer Moon #11 as I've got my image ready to go and feel that this one is coming together nicely.
So with that I'm off the stool and on with the day~

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  1. Great start on deer moon... looks great as it is. That paperfolding is beautiful!


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