Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Meeting the studio door way with my Pants on~

Yes that sounds funny don't it? Meeting the studio doorway with my Pants on.. well that's just what I did yesterday morning. After a great day of gardening in the back yard planting all my plants I purchased from the DuPage Forest Perserve over a week and a half ago, I did it but you know gardening...Not as simple as just digging a hole and planting it..there was some outside edging so the great grandfathers(my big rocks in back that shape my patio section) could breath and then trimming the bushes and then the inside of the flower bed..Why the back first? well that's where I wanted to bring in some of the new plants. Don't know how they will do as of I don't have full sun for some of the Prairie grass but I'll be giving it a try. So accomplished that task on Sunday to be walking around with sore hamstrings and hard to sit down... I've scurried up stairs to my studio yesterday morning after I got dressed for the day instead of heading up there in my PJ's. So hence the title of the post..meeting the studio doorway with my pants on and roaring to go. I had enough papers made to pull the colors I wanted to express the last of the series #13 Big moon and dived right in.. Though I have my favorites of this series, this last one has a wonderful combination of colors that really hit my soul... Good vibes and connections.

So with that I'm off this morning to a business of art and the art of business class/meeting at the Waubaness college from 8-11 I may stop in to see if Cheryl is in her studio or head for a walk..haven't decided... My walks have been very enriching..I guess the Coyotes have been making themselves present more often scaring people I hope that no complains so that they have to relocate them now.. I don't think so but you never know people sometimes.. it seem the people that walk the woods are accepting of them so my hopes are they are able to stay there and we tread lightly around them..


  1. Oh, I hope they don't have problems with the coyotes! I'm not aware that any facility is willing to relocate. My body is also recovering from Sunday's yard work, it was a beautiful day!

  2. Please please please put up the whole 13 of the series when you are done. I would love to see them all together. It been a long and exciting journey and its coming to an end. Good job, well done Laura :)

  3. I plan on it...I need to get the last one done and then go get them photograph professional and then I'll have good image to post..my a bit off as of if I'm not on the the morning time I've missed my chances to get a good shot. Plus I want to be able to have prints of this too for the Art fairs.


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