Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Encounter with a Coyote

Just got back from a walk in the woods, brought my other four legged buddy with me..Carl, We walked the first two miles and then when I came around for the second time I decided to take him off the leash in the tall grass prairie..(grass are just about mid calf now) We walked about 20 ft. when I got a sense then something was behind me and to my right there was a young female coyote,... I quickly call down to Carl so he would stop and I could hook him up. Just as I got a hold of his collar I looked behind and there she was again coming at us not charging or anything but steady on the trail..so I did what I always taught the young girls scout to do is crunch down and jump up and wave your arms out wide and yell..makes you look like the bigger predator.  It worked, the young female coyote went to the bush area and hid.  We continued walking and then Carl looked behind us, that young thing was slick and quick she was behind us again.. I stopped and talked to her she stood her ground and then trailed off to the side and through the prairie even with us. We trailed off together for a while and then we lost her other people were coming up the other side of the path so I'm sure she took cover.  Now lets see what coyote medicine is?  I have to admit at one point I had great fear and now of the coyote coming close to me but of the unknow of my companion with me being I just loss one days before... I could do that again so soon.. all is good and such a awesome moment.  more coyote myth  coyote  coyote more about coyote... just had to jot this down while it was fresh.


  1. Wow Laura, that coyote medicine seems to fit right in with your life at the moment doesn't it.

  2. Oh how cool! These points jumped out the most though. "Coyotes always adapt to changing circumstances." and "way-maker" of new direction as it went about its symbolic role of completing the cycle of life in nature". You are one special lady!

  3. Really enjoyed grabbing onto these sites and delving into coyote deeper. So pleased she was there for you to witness.


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