Saturday, May 15, 2010

A bit still off kilter

For many reasons I've been a bit off kilter. Even in my teaching I can tell.. What I get prepared for in class verses what really happens are two different things. Oh I love teaching and watching everyone growing leaps and bounds and I receive a wonderful comment from Janet yesterday as she said this has been the best class she thinks I've taught all along. Which I'm thinking their not getting it but they are. What I've been giving them is more to think about and it has people thinking. Heck it even has me thinking different about some of my ideas I want to execute, I've been drawn to the Wooden Manikins for some time and I've used them in the series I'm working on and I would like to see what can happen along the way with this.. but I need to find the smallest ones in order to use them in my pieces. So I'll be on the hunt for them.

And today it's been one week since we lost our Louie, some people I share this with and others I'm not... depends I guess if I want to shed some tears or not I guess. So as I ramble on about things being a bit off... I continue on.


  1. Oh Laura, I know how you miss Louie. You see them in every corner. I remember. Now I know I am facing this with Timber down the road. Just keep thinking of what good memories you have of him.

  2. Yep, I've held the door open waiting for the old one to come in many times and realize the old one passed some time ago. They are a part of our family and we share a bond that lasts forever in our hearts.


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