Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sorting is done and out comes the Papermaking Hut

What an exciting day yesterday was, I had a list and much hasn't been done around the house so the bug hit me. (spring cleaning) The husband laughed at my list, said do you think your going to get that all done...well that was all I needed. Challenge Me! I started with brushing the two four legged buddies and got a bag full of hair, then I needed to see what was making the awful smell in the refrigerator and clean that out... found it! some old cottage cheese...and some black beans...terrible I know but it happens to the best of us right? On to the next chore..water the plants, since I've quite smoking some years ago I would always kill the plants but now since then I've got them growing all over the place and they were in need of much water...takes a while...especially when you use the fish water from a big fish tank and have to refill that too. I had to put clean clothes away and then the dishes and I was ready for the vacuuming.. the major dust puppies all over the house needed to be corralled. After that was all done I started to pull out the artwork from a back room I store it in.. making stacking rows of art work all over the living space. I had to decide which one would be pulled out of frames and made into bin work and other that would be taken to Door County-Algoma this coming weekend and checking which one's that need new paper backing because it looked a bit tater.

Then I've been obsessing over the possible idea of trading in my Van for a smaller one with better gas mileage... and wanted to see what the Ford Transit would be... So the husband and I see my brother works for Ford so I would get a discount...hahahah little did I know but that's why I latch on to something to find out... We took about an hour and half there at the car dealer ship. I did a test drive...and it felt fun and the mind was a dreaming. Very cool but in order for the display panels to fit Randy would have to cut the leggs down to fit in lengthwise.. could happen but could cause problems later when I display. Went in after the test drive to sit and Face the facts Jackie... the Ford Transit with the family discount, the rebate and the Chevy Astro Van as a trade in isn't going to happen... What I hear from the guy is the Astro Van aren't made any more, my mileage is 87000. now and they could run great till 140,000. and with a man that can fix things My grass is really very green right where I am.. so that was a big learning experience and it's so fun to watch the car salesman put their gig on too.
I came home after that ate some lunch and continued to work on my art and the sorting. I had about 130 piece of all different sizes in that room... and about 104 are now staying there for the art season. I purchased bubble bags for art work to go in so I made sure they were all fixed nice. Cut down a whole bunch of old boxes and I have room to walk in that back storage room now. But my job is cut out for me as I need to pull out whole bunch of old work and get it ready for the bins.

Now the itch has happened .. I going to put my papermaking hut up.. I wasn't but heck I'm a woman and I can change my mind if I want. I saw my best buddy down in Georgia making paper with her students and outside by her house and Jackie Hefty at the Whispering Woodlands doing it too and the need has taken over me. I could be in the studio today but the outside is call stronger.. The Papermaking Hut will rise today!!! You now I was also inspired by the colors of paper I made a while back and how it looked in the work and I want to make more of that.. And the best part is I can.

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  1. So glad to see the hut is up! Someday maybe a smaller vehicle with a trailer.


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